Employment training and skill building – the path to a better resume.

Since 1982, our programs have helped youth develop an ethic of service and community while they advance towards their career goals. At the same time, each and every program we embark on preserves and protects our natural resources for safe, healthy, livable communities.

You may have seen our corpsmembers working in your neighborhood, on your favorite trails, or at Marin and Sonoma County events. Here’s more information on how young people join CCNB to earn while they learn.

Corpsmembers achieve conservation through three main program areas:

Natural Resources Crews – protect precious resources while building yours.

Conservation Corps North Bay’s Natural Resources Crews receive on the job training opportunities in conservation, park improvement, and fire and flood prevention projects throughout the North Bay.

Crews are sponsored by land management agencies), homeowners’ associations, and nonprofit organizations.

Community Recycling Crews – bottles, cans, diplomas and careers.

Corpsmembers implement a wide variety of recycling outreach and collection projects with parks, schools, businesses and neighborhoods. In the process, corpsmembers can earn a high school diploma and strengthen their job skills.

Learn more about hiring corpsmembers.

CCNB crews are trained in specialized services, including:

  • Installation of bridges, fences, staircases, culverts, retaining walls and other hardscapes
  • Creek restoration and erosion control
  • Landscape habitat restoration to benefit people and sensitive wildlife, including trail maintenance
  • Fire fuel reduction, fire breaks and defensible spaces
  • Community gardening
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Recycling services for community events