“We definitely appreciate all the hard work of all staff involved in this project. Although there were challenges from the start and throughout the project due to the ruggedness and difficulty accessing the site, and pleased with the overall outcome of logic. The park has never seen that level of attention in my career and I hope that we can continue to work together at Hood Mountain and continue to improve the Park.”

Fernando Espinoza
Sonoma County Regional Parks

“CCNB is a great resource for the Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District and the community in Marin in general. CCNB strives to provide job training and education our youth needs to thrive. Understanding CCNB’s mission is crucial for “sponsors” to provide the support and opportunity that it deserves. I am pleased with the professionalism of Natural Resources Crews staff and managers.”

Bené da Silva
Marin County Flood Control District

“…the CCNB crew provided an invaluable service to the Water Agency during the first phase of this project. Due to the heavy workload that Water Agency crews managed last year, we could not have completed the amount of work that CCNB accomplished in such a timely manner. We look forward to continuing our collaboration on this exciting project in 2015. [The staff and] crew are very professional and a pleasure to work with.

David Royall
Sonoma County Water Agency

Mt. Tam State Parks_Santos Valley_Kent Canyon 012Natural Resources Crews provide a fundamental service to land management agencies and environmental organizations in northern California by building and maintaining trails, restoring habitats, clearing fire breaks, preventing floods, and inspiring the next generation of land managers.

Through an intensive program that emphasizes safety, quality and professionalism, corpsmembers undergo skills-focused instruction in: forestry, carpentry, landscaping, chainsaw use, and power and hand tool operation.

2017 Milestones

  • Reduced hazardous fuels on 313 acres in “wildland-urban interface” areas across Marin and Sonoma Counties to keep North Bay residents safe from the risk of wildfires.
  • Maintained 96 miles of trails, including the construction of 287 stairs and maintenance of 555 drainage structures, to maintain public access to our beautiful natural areas.
  • Performed 48 acres of habitat restoration services, removed invasive species from 188 acres of open space, and planted 2,288 native trees and shrubs to enhance native landscapes throughout the region.
  • Maintained 46 miles of local waterways to keep our communities safe from the risk of flooding.
  • Removed 22 tons of litter from local roadways.
  • Responded to 7 major storm events, providing crucial disaster prevention services at 197 locations across Marin County.

The Natural Resources (NRC) program provides a unique opportunity to those trying to improve their current life circumstances with job training and education. Some corpsmembers enrolled in this program have dropped out of high school and apply for this program because it allows them to earn a living while working towards earning a degree through the John Muir Charter High School. Natural Resources Crew corpsmembers may be eligible to earn education awards for college or an accredited trade school.

Natural Resources Crew corpsmembers learn valuable job skills to prepare them for the job market when they complete the program. They’re trained to gain leadership skills and can even be promoted into leadership positions during their time in the program. We focus not only on the work at hand, but on the lifelong positive impact it can have on their future endeavors.

Natural Resources Crew corpsmembers work throughout the North Bay performing the vital work of making the environment safer, greener, healthier and more enjoyable and accessible for everyone. Working for land management, parks, and open space, public work agencies and fire departments throughout the North Bay, crews create and maintain trails, restore sensitive habitat areas and manage vegetation to protect urban areas from fire and flood. The work is hard and physical, but the rewards and skills learned are great.

Corpsmembers work four days a week for an hourly wage that is competitive with other job training programs. Ten hours of education is also a mandatory component of the program. Corpsmembers can earn a high school diploma and other life skills while they earn a wage. In addition, eligible corpsmembers can earn education awards that can amount to $5,300 upon completion of 1,700 hours in the one year program.

Corpsmembers are trained to safely use a variety of hand and power tools. They can also receive certification in the operation of chainsaws, chippers and forklifts. We provide each corpsmember with a uniform and safety gear. Corpsmembers can participate for two years in our Corps-to-Career program which provides support in developing job skills and career pathways.

Our programs focus on youth ages 18-25, but we may accept other participants. This an ideal program for someone who has had some past difficulty with either school, the justice system or just finding their way. You may be a single parent, a former gang member or face some other challenge in your life. We want to help.

Please see the Natural Resources Crew Corpsmember Position for a detailed description of requirements and duties. In order to be a Natural Resources Crew corpsmember, you must be:

  • U.S. Citizen or Legal Resident, between the ages of 18 to 25 years old
  • Interested in participating in a job-training and education program and development of new skills and committed to full participation in both components of the program (as employee and student)
  • Willing and able to do physically strenuous work in the outdoors
  • Ready for a life-changing experience that will help you prepare for the future.

NRC enrollment is year-round. We typically invite applicants to first come to an intake session, which happen approximately 5-6 times a year.

Becoming a corpsmember takes just three steps.


2017 milestones are as reported in the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017.