Theo Catalano-Kose, Natural Resources. My job at CCNB is pulling branches and logs for the sawyers, and using the hedger to clear out blackberry bushes and other brush.  Some days I walk through the creek in the water to get logs and branches.  I have always been interested in conservation. I get to work outside with the great SCYEC  crew.  I like working with the heavy machinery.  I’d like to work at the water agency or go back to junior college.   I also very much appreciate the Career Pathways program and all it has to offer.  I have gone to job fairs and taken a class on job interviewing.

Alyssa Abuan, Community Recycling. I am on the CRC and I typically go on routes and pick up recycling, collect e-waste and pick up trash to clean up the community.  I get to go to beautiful places and help the environment.  Also the crew I’m in is awesome and we work hard to make the North Bay a better place.

Evan Cook, Natural Resources.  My job at CCNB is highway maintenance for CalTrans.  We go around litter picking and taking invasive plants out. I’m at CCNB because I want to get my diploma and move on with my life.  After working at CCNB, I want to go to college and become a doctor.  I like being a Corps Member because I take pride in the work I do.

Maynor Oxlaj, Community Recycling Novato. My job at CCNB is going on recycling collection routes to different places.  My favorite thing about CCNB is a second opportunity to continue my studies and learn new thing with other Corpsmembers, and also to improve my English and work with other people.

Durls Lopez, Community Recycling Novato. Mi trabajo en un dia primero vamoa a chequar los camiones.  Despues ponemos botes, basias y bolsas. Seguramos el camion si esta bien cerrada vamos a reqoger reciclaje en cada parquet.  Yo quiero tener un future jejor.  Ser un asistente de un abogao.  Yo me gusta trabajar en equipo.  Me gusto hablo con los camaneros.  Yo me gusta hacer el trabajo bien.  Asi como dice supervisor me gusta participar en cada actibidad. Me gusta trabajar a qui en CCNB.

Kristiana Marie Simpson, Community Recycling Novato.  My job is to keep the environment clean and safe.  A typical day for me looks like going on route around the state parks and communities picking up recycling.  We make sure to collect what shouldn’t be thrown away in our landfills.  I feel like I can build a better person out of myself.   Need all the skills I can learn, and explore places I have never seen.  The routes we go on here opened a whole new brighter view for me.  When you throw something away, where is away?

Noel Funes, Community Recycling Novato. I am a Corps Member at CCNB.  I am on the community recycling crew.  We service stte and local parks.  We collect tires and e-waste also. I’m at CCNB because I enjoy the work.  After working here, I hope to study IT.   My favorite thing about the Conservation Corps is the commitment to the environment.