Conservation Corps North Bay Youth

Empowering youth through employment training and skill building.

For over 30 years Conservation Corps North Bay programs have addressed the intersection of two critical needs:

  • Stewarding parks and open space, and
  • Engaging at-risk youth in education and job training.

We serve youth aged 18 to 30 in Marin and Sonoma counties, who are low-income, have dropped or aged out of high school without a diploma and/or have multiple barriers to education and employment.

The young people we serve have few options to change their lives. No longer in school, they cannot access traditional after-school programs. You’ve probably seen youth in CCNB programs working in your neighborhood or on your favorite trail.

Education and career guidance – putting young people on the path to a better future.

Want to finish your high school diploma? We can help you get there—while you get paid for working.

Conservation Corps North Bay helps young people achieve their educational and career goals. We welcome all youth in Marin and Sonoma counties. Take your first step towards a better life.

Apply today to be a corpsmember.

We’d like to tell you about one former corpsmember, Adam Ericson.

Adam had health issues that kept him out of school as a child. He fell behind and gave up. In July 2011 he was ready to get serious about his education and enrolled at our John Muir Charter School. Although he needed a lot of credits, he worked diligently and kept going. His assignments were completed with thoughtfulness and care. His tenaciousness paid off. Adam earned his high school diploma and an AmeriCorps scholarship. He excelled on his work crews, earning just about every certification and award offered at CCNB: chipper, Sawyer chainsaw, CPR/First Aid, Shop Specialist, Safety Officer, Assistant Crew Leader and Corps Member of the Month.

The future looks very bright for Adam. After graduation, he became a staff driver for CCNB and was quickly promoted to Crew Leader for the Sonoma County Youth Ecology Corps. He is currently at the top of his class in the modular Police Academy at Santa Rosa Junior College, and hopes to become a police officer in Los Angeles. Before CCNB, he lacked direction, life goals and work experience. As Adam says, “CCNB gave me the courage and skills necessary to pursue my childhood dreams.”

We accept online applications.

If you prefer, you may submit your application, cover letter and resume to us by:

  • Fax to (415) 454-4595, Attn: Recruiter
  • Email to

Call us at (415) 454-4554 x142 with any questions. Conservation Corps North Bay is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Education and career guidance – putting young people on the path to a better future.

Conservation Corps North Bay helps young people achieve their educational and career goals. We can help you get somewhere – whether you are just out of college, or want to finish your high school diploma. We make the opportunity available to young adults in Marin and Sonoma Counties, regardless of background, language, income, or ability. Take your first step towards a better life. Learn more.

Employment training and skill Building – empowering youth.

Start a career in conservation on the right foot with a job that also provides training, mentorship and a paycheck. Learn how to build a sustainable future for yourself.

Conserve natural resources – growing greener communities.

In addition to turning young lives around, our environmental programs also provide a valuable service for land management agencies, homeowners’ associations and nonprofit organizations. The work our crews perform includes creek and trail maintenance, ecosystem monitoring, fire fuel reduction, habitat restoration, and recycling to name a few. Thanks to their hard work (and your help), Marin and Sonoma Counties are safer, greener, healthier and much nicer places to live. Learn more.

Our programs – benefiting youth and the environment (now that’s multi-tasking).

Few non-profits benefit as many people as Conservation Corps North Bay does. Since 1982, our programs have helped youth develop an ethic of service and community as well as advance towards their career goals. At the same time, each and every program we embark on preserves and protects our natural resources for safe, healthy, livable communities. Learn exactly how we do it.