Education and Careers

The Education and Career Pathways programs work in concert to provide corpmembers with reliable, consistent professional support. During their time at CCNB and for two years following their completion of service, corpsmembers create individualized college and career plans.

Conservation corps careers

Career Pathways

Through Career Pathways programs, corpsmembers receive assistance with goal setting, work readiness, vocational training, career development and resume composition, as well as with the self-management skills necessary to find, obtain and retain satisfying and rewarding employment. CCNB staff work individually with corpsmembers to:

  • Provide one-on-one assistance to assess needs and define realistic goals.
  • Support and monitor corpsmembers as they work towards their career objectives.
  • Define and develop skills necessary to find a job (job search), get the job (resume preparation, interview techniques) and keep the job (employee expectations, worth ethic).
  • Help corpsmembers apply for and secure entry level jobs or positions related to their education and job training experience at CCNB.

CCNB partners with local businesses and government agencies to refer corpsmembers to positions that match their interests and pay above minimum wage. Jobs and industries include: administrative/clerical, automotive, conservation, construction/related, education, garden education, habitat restoration, landscaping/tree care, restaurant service, sales/retail, warehouse/labor, youth service, and eldercare and childcare.

If you’re a business that may be interested in hiring corpsmembers, contact us!

2014 Milestones

  • 310 corpsmembers entered our program in FY2014.
  • 265 professional/trade certificates were earned by 69 corpsmembers.
  • 89 corpsmembers persisted in the year-round program for 3 months or more.
  • Of 68 corpsmembers who were on the high school graduation track, 18 have already graduated with a diploma from the John Muir Charter School, CCNB’s accredited on-site high school. (In 2015 we are changing our model to increase this number significantly.)
  • 47 corpsmembers advanced to leadership positions during their time working in our paid work program.
  • 41 corpsmembers were also enrolled in post-secondary education.
  • 34 Corpsmembers earned between $1,000-$5,550 in annual scholarships for post-secondary education, as part of the AmericCorps Education Award Program.
  • 92 former corpsmembers are in post-CCNB employment.

Program Information


For more information on the Corps-to-Career or Corps-to-College program, please contact Monique Brown, Career Pathways Manager, at (415) 454-4554 or (707) 303-3069 ext. 384.

2014 milestones are as reported for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014.