Employment training and skill building—the path to a better resume.

At Conservation Corps North Bay, young people earn while they learn valuable work skills. Our programs offer youth the chance to enhance their academic and hands-on vocational skills while they perform important environmental work in the community.

To hire a CCNB crew to perform any of the highly skilled work described below, please contact:

Tyler Pitts, Natural Resources Program Manager
(415) 454-4554 or (707) 303-3069 ext. 399


Bridge Installation

Glulam bridge for hikers and equestrians installed on the Randal Spur Trail in Point Reyes National SeashoreExamples of bridge installation projects include a 40-foot glulam bridge for hikers and equestrians installed on the Randal Spur Trail in Point Reyes National Seashore.

Fence Construction

Fence-construction-1Whether it’s installing a 600 linear feet post-and-cable fence on the Hawk Hill Trail (pictured at right) or constructing a 1000 linear foot deer fence at the Indian Valley Organic Farm & Garden, CCNB crews are at work digging doing the difficult, precise work needed for posts that are straight and level.

Equipment Operation

Equipment operationConservation Corps North Bay owns and rents a wide variety of equipment to meet the needs of large, complex jobs. Our staff is experienced and our safety training is vigorous for equipment operators on CCNB crews.

Staircase Installation

Staircase-installationExamples of projects include a 40-foot staircase installed at the Richardson Bay Audubon Center to provide safe access from the Lyford House to Richardson Bay. The staircase was constructed to meet the Town of Tiburon’s Municipal Codes, including a double handrail.

Trail Tread Construction and Maintenance

Trail-constructionIn addition to projects in Marin and Sonoma counties, CCNB crews maintain over 30 miles of tread each year on trails in the Mendocino National Forest. This work includes cleaning out drainage drips, widening tread, regrading to gain out-slope and reconstructing tread features.

Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining-wall2An example of one of the four rock retaining walls installed on the Rift Zone Trail at Point Reyes National Seashore is pictured at right.

Backcountry Spikes

Backcountry spike crewsCrews camp out on site for days at a time to complete project work in remote locations. Crews come equipped with food and equipment that is driven out to the site with four wheel drive trucks or packed in on mules. For work in designated wilderness areas, crews are trained in crosscut saws and other hand tools to get the job done while meeting the requirements of the 1964 Wilderness Act. Backcountry crews specialize in trail maintenance and construction, as well as site clean up and restoration.

Pile Burning, Prescribed Fire and Wildland Fire Suppression

Pile-burning-2Over 100 piles are burned each year to reduce fuels in the wildland urban interface. Conservation Corps North Bay works with agencies such as Southern Marin Fire, Marin Municipal Water District, Marin Parks and others to conduct burning operations.

Creek Maintenance

Creek-maintenanceEach year CCNB crews maintain over 40 miles of creek in the North Bay. Corpsmembers remove debris and prune vegetation to allow for flow, thereby reducing the threat of flooding while maintaining structure and shade for fish habitat.

Ecosystem Monitoring

Ecosystem-Monitoring-2Crew members work side by side with scientists to monitor biological inventories and record forest measurements, and to track wildlife populations, fish implants and data collection for short and long-term research projects.

Erosion Control and Bank Stabilization

Erosion-control2CCNB crews install thousands of feet of erosion control fabric and wattles each year. Here you can see one strategy our crews utilize — hydroseeders — to provide bank stabilization on levees throughout the North Bay.

Fire Fuel Reduction – Fire Breaks and Defensible Spaces

Fire-Fuel-2Over 300 acres are cleared each year by CCNB crews. Crews are fully trained in chain saw operations and can carefully cut shaded fuel breaks, clear unwanted vegetation, cut down hazardous trees and cut acres of grass quickly and safely. Conservation Corps North Bay’s crews utilize chippers, dump trucks and pile burning to dispose of material.

Habitat Restoration

Habitat-restorationConservation Corps North Bay is working hard to restore native ecosystems. Through a variety of methods, our crews remove over 50 acres of invasive plants each year. We also plant native seedlings to take the place of the invasives we remove.

Facilities Maintenance

Facilities2_0Conservation Corps North Bay’s crews fix gates, pour concrete sidewalks, install benches, remove graffiti — and more — to keep public areas like parks and public housing properties safe and accessible.


Recycling_0Each year we collect in excess of 80 tons of bottles, cans and other recyclable material, mostly through our special event recycling services. In addition, we provide recycling education in schools and parks, perform litter abatement projects, conduct waste audits and collect electronic waste.