Zero Waste Crews

Our Zero Waste Crews provide various waste collection, management, and diversion services to keep material from the landfill while creating a positive experience for the young people on our crews.

CC North Bay Specialty Crews

E-Waste Collection

Certified E-Waste Collector – State of California, CEWID #105496

Conservation Corps North Bay E-Waste Recycling

CCNB is funded by Cal Recycle to provide E-waste collection and education services in our communities at no charge to our clients throughout Marin and Sonoma County. We take collections from businesses, households and government agencies and can provide proof of destruction documentation upon request.

We regularly partner with government agencies, nonprofits, and businesses to hold E-waste collection events. Check out our events page to see our next collection event!

Used Tire Collection

Tire Hauler – State of California, TPID # 1834406-01

Conservation Corps North Bay Used Tire Collection

As a certified and permitted waste-tire hauler, CCNB partners with local government agencies to identify public lands affected by illegally dumped tires and dispatch work crews to remove them responsibly.

Our crews also host tire amnesty collection events for the public throughout the year, where community members can bring their used tires to our events. Check out our events page to see our next used tire amnesty event!

Recycling Receptacles

Conservation Corps North Bay Recycling Receptacles
CCNB corpsmembers learn construction skills while building side-loading recycling bins that are customizable based on the budget and level of services needed by our clients. Our durable, fire resistant bins are made from high quality recycled plastic lumber and come in single, dual, and triple stream options with security features designed to prevent pests and theft.

Event Services

Conservation Corps North Bay Event Services

CCNB manages materials produced at large and small events. We have provided event services to over 50 events per year including the Marin County Fair, Fairfax Festival, and the annual Bioneers Conference. Our services include:

  • Bin delivery and removal
  • Eco-station monitoring and servicing
  • Sorting and weighing of recycling, trash, and compost
  • Full event consulting and reporting
  • Educating the public

Event operations are provided through direct fee-for-service contracts based on the level of services needed.

Click here to hire a Zero Waste Crew for your next event.

Used Oil

Conservation Corps North Bay Used Oil Recycling

CCNB crews provide used motor oil recycling education to the public in Marin and Sonoma counties. This education includes:

  • Visiting Certified Collection Centers to ensure that signs are in good condition and are posted so that they are visible from the street.
  • Working to reduce illegal dumping at collection sites
  • Oil filter crushing operations
  • Providing DIY Oil Change kits for safe oil changes
  • Labeling storm drains throughout Northern California to prevent illegal dumping of used motor oil into our waterways.


Conservation Corps North Bay Used Mattress Recycling

CCNB is partnering with the Mattress Recycling Council to host mattress recycling events where the public can drop off used mattresses free of charge.

We accept mattresses from the public on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at our Cotati location from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm (except on holidays.) No appointment needed!

We accept mattresses from the public at our Novato location on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm (except on holidays.) No appointment needed!

Check out our events page to see our next recycling event!

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