On Tuesday, August 18th, CCNB and Zero Waste Sonoma were jointly awarded the 2020 Outstanding Electronic Recycling Award from the California Resource Recovery Association at their annual conference.

This ongoing partnership has already kept well over a million pounds of electronics out of our local landfills at NO COST to residents of Sonoma County over the last four years.

In fact, electronics that still have some life left to live are donated to other residents in need instead of staying in the waste stream.All electronics recycled through this program stay here in California through a recycling partner with the highest possible standards. We are fortunate to be a part of such an environmentally conscious community here in the North Bay.

Thank you and congratulations to our Zero Waste team of staff and corpsmembers, this award is so well-deserved!

Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Chair Susan Gorin:

“[This is an] amazing achievement… in recognizing great programs, great leadership, great staff work and I especially love the collaboration with Conservation Corps North Bay. I appreciate the partnership and the great folks that are involved in that program.”