We could not be more proud of Omar for being one of a small number of finalists from corps all over the country for The Corps Network Corpsmember of the Year award. Since joining Conservation Corps North Bay (CCNB) in 2019, Omar has truly taken advantage of all that the corps experience can offer and has been able to earn his high school diploma in addition to numerous certifications. He has demonstrated personal growth throughout his service, learning to manage his time and put the crew’s needs first. This has gained him the reputation as a leader and team player who takes pride in seeing his crew succeed. He enjoys helping others learn and is known for welcoming and encouraging new corpsmembers.

Omar’s biggest challenge throughout his corps experience was in earning his high school diploma. The task became so challenging that he briefly left the corps when learning became virtual. However, Omar persevered and walked the stage in front of his family, son, and fellow corpsmembers in September 2022. Omar says, “I continue to work at CCNB because I like to help the community by providing support for environmental issues.” In the future Omar plans to pursue a career as a firefighter or EMT.