Our Mission

“To develop youth and conserve natural resources for a strong, sustainable community.”

 We achieve our mission by

  • Providing a diverse group of youth and young adults with opportunities to transform their lives through paid work, education, employability, civic engagement, and leadership.
  • Caring for our environment by conserving and restoring natural resources, and by improving recreational and public areas.
  • Creating the environmental leaders of the future by teaching environmental ethics and behaviors to children, teens and adults.
  • Making communities safer by reducing hazards and by responding to public emergencies and disasters.

Conservation Corps North Bay is the oldest local youth conservation corps in the country. Serving Marin and Sonoma Counties since 1982, CCNB has helped more than 12,000 young people break the cycle of poverty through education and job skills, while serving the environment and community.

Our Values

Meaningful work begins with meaningful values. At CCNB, we stand for:

Empowerment – We value and enthusiastically support the potential of young people to live productive lives of learning, working and serving. We are corpsmember-focused and diligent in our efforts to support them as they develop their own capacity, self worth and leadership ability. We look for the potential in all young people to become future leaders.

Environmental Stewardship – We restore and protect natural resources and public spaces for the community.  We are viewed as leaders in the community and teach sustainable best practices to protect the Earth now and for future generations.

Education and Learning – We put education at the forefront of our programs. We use the outdoors as a dynamic classroom. We help youth see education as an integral part of their lives.

Personal investment and responsibility – We hold each other accountable in constructive ways and practice personal responsibility in carrying out our commitments. We are passionate about what we do.

High quality and standards – We hold ourselves to standards of excellence. We incorporate best practices and continually assess and strengthen the quality of our work.  We live a culture of trust, fairness and leading by example.

Innovative Leadership – We lead with an entrepreneurial spirit. We actively collaborate with our partners to develop creative solutions.

Safety – We create a trusting, supportive and safe environment, and we proactively implement high-quality, consistent training to achieve this. Physical safety practices are a priority in our work environments.