CCNB has been working with the Town of Tiburon for over a decade. This longstanding partnership allows us to provide work for corpsmembers in the rainy winter season when outdoor projects are (understandably) harder to come by. Our crews are working across Tiburon Open Space lands to manually remove invasive species like French broom and Scotch broom, clear various types of vegetation along fire roads and other corridors to allow for safe passage of vehicles, and cut heads of pampas grass to prevent the spread of seeds.

With ever-increasing concerns about wildfire, our crews get to do what they did all summer: fire fuel reduction. They work hard to thin out patches of crowded vegetation near homes to mitigate the damage future fires may bring. It is never too early to think about the next fire season. If you see one of our crews out and about in your Tiburon neighborhood, feel free to say hello!