Jonae was at a crossroads. She had given high school a fair chance but found that it wasn’t for her, and as more time went on, it was becoming harder for her to stay motivated to explore what she might want to do – to find her purpose. Then a friend told her about CCNB, and she joined our Natural Resource Crew (NRC), where she excelled at the challenging work. Still, she wanted to continue to explore other career paths.
With supportive coaching from CCNB’s Career Pathways team, Jonae discovered her interest in the automotive industry, and through CCNB’s relationship with the Sonoma County General Services, she interviewed for and secured an internship in their Fleet Division. From the very first day of her internship, she fell in love with the work and the industry and decided to pursue a career as an auto mechanic.
“The best job is a job you can’t wait to get up in the morning and go to and are not ready to go home at the end of the day. The [internship] took me where I wanted to go into the mechanic industry; I learned to work on new cars, old cars, tractors, and even fire trucks! The internship was the best job I could have imagined.” she said.
While she was excelling at her internship and caring for her family, Jonae also took related classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College, which paired perfectly with her hands-on internship experience and made her more desirable to employees.
All of us at CCNB couldn’t be happier to report that through her dedication and hard work, Jonae is on her path to success – she was recently hired as a full-time auto mechanic with Peterbilt, doing what she loves best