Daniel joined CCNB so he could work and earn his high school diploma at the same time, and he has been a corpsmember with CCNB for about a year. He enjoys working to improve and save the environment, especially loving projects like habitat restoration, creek clearing, and removal of sick or dead trees. Daniel is a hard worker and great teammate. His supervisors point him out as the ideal corpsmember, calling him trustworthy and dedicated to both the work and the larger cause of environmentalism. Along with keeping the air breathable and water clean, one thing Daniel says we should focus on more is planting and saving trees to save the earth. One of his favorite parts of working with CCNB is getting to see firsthand how much humans and nature are interconnected.

Most recently, Daniel worked on a special ecological workforce crew with Hanford ARC, a local engineering and landscape contractor specializing in ecological restoration. Working on this crew gave Daniel the skills and confidence to begin applying for jobs outside of CCNB. He dreams of one day owning a ranch or working in architectural design and is ready to take the next steps on that path. He is currently working with the Career Pathways team to find his next adventure, and we cannot wait to see where he ends up!