Donate to CC North BayConservation Corps North Bay is the oldest youth conservation corps in the country. Serving Marin and Sonoma Counties since 1982, CCNB has helped more than 12,000 young men and women break the cycle of poverty through education and job skills, while serving the environment and community.

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Are you age 18-30 and want to earn your high school diploma while working and getting paid? Learn more in our corpsmember brochure.

Conservation Corps North Bay has paying jobs and quality educational opportunities available. We are currently scheduling interviews and orientations for new corpsmembers.

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Employ a skilled crew of CCNB corpsmembers for your Natural Resource or Community Recycling project.

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Corpsmember Stories



Vicente Tlatilpa, former corpsmember and current employee, is PAYING IT FORWARD

Vicente Tlatilpa has worked at CCNB since 2016, and he is currently a Crew Supervisor in Marin, a position he earned through a recent promotion. Vicente started as a corpsmember, and over the past nine years he has become intimately familiar with the program, passionate about the work we do, and deeply committed to helping corpsmembers succeed.

Vicente found CCNB when things weren’t going well in his life. He didn’t fit in at his Prep High School, and with each passing school year he became more demoralized until finally, in his senior year he dropped out, which left him feeling “worthless.”

“I found CCNB in 2009 through a friend. Becoming a corpsmember was what I refer to as my ‘ground zero’ because while there, I launched. I earned my high school diploma, learned how to interact with others, developed a work ethic and basically went from being an aimless kid to an adult. CCNB taught me to not be afraid to try new things. It was invaluable.”

As a corpsmember Vicente took advantage of everything CCNB offered – earning his high school diploma and receiving every training certificate he could. “After I finished being a corpsmember in 2012, I bounced around in several different jobs, but nothing really fit.”

Vicente learned of an opening at CCNB in 2016, was hired, and returned as a staff member. During his tenure, he’s taken it upon himself to work with corpsmembers with limited English to help foster their language skills on the job. He even voluntarily relocated from CCNB’s Cotati office to Novato to work with corpsmembers most in need of help. “More than half our corpsmembers come to us needing to learn English. I was lucky to grow up bi-lingual, so I try to supplement what they learn in school by helping them with language skills. This happens every day – whether we’re sorting, recycling or lifting tires, our corpsmembers are curious to learn, so I use every opportunity to guide them.”

Vicente said that helping corpsmembers learn English has a ripple effect – they become more outgoing, confident and willing to try new things. They also bring their new language skills home, helping family members. “Language is more than just words – it’s a bridge from person to person. I’ve watched corpsmembers grow and change because they were able to cross that bridge.”

Vicente was named CCNB’s Staff Member of the Month in January 2018. We and all of our corpsmember are lucky to have him on our team.

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