Career Pathways

CCNB’s Career Pathways program offers corpsmembers personalized support in career and educational goal setting, job skills development, and career search and placement assistance. 



Conservation Corps North Bay Conservation Crews

Internships and On-the-Job Training

Corpsmembers have the opportunity to work with and learn from top resource managers at agencies such as the City of Tiburon, Sonoma Water, and the County of Sonoma. CCNB also offers nearly 30 job certifications such as Chainsaw Sawyer, Commercial Driver’s License, Basic Carpentry, and Forklift certification designed to increase corpsmembers’ likelihood of securing living-wage employment in green jobs outside the traditional office environment.

Corpsmembers who graduate from CCNB often pursue jobs in landscaping, construction trades, public works, firefighting, conservation, and mechanics. If your company is looking to cultivate a workforce with young people who are hungry to learn, have experience working in extreme weather conditions, have experience working early hour shifts, and have performed labor-intensive projects, a corpsmember may be the perfect addition to your team!

Career Exploration

    Career Pathways staff offer a variety of ways for our corpsmembers to discover their interests and learn about career opportunities available to them:

    • Work Readiness & Life Skills
      • Community meetings to discuss various career related topics
      • Individualized case management to cater to the diverse and unique needs of our corpsmembers
    • College & Career Exploration
    • Career Speakers & Presentations
    • Off Site Field Trips
    Interns Dressed for Job Interviews

    Construction Trades Career Fair

    Sonoma County Water Agency Tour

    Job Placement

    Corpsmembers meet weekly with case managers to improve job readiness and access resources that will lead them to self-sufficiency. Job readiness includes workshops on workplace etiquette, resume preparation, career exploration, mock interviews, and financial planning.

    Staff work closely with a growing employment pipeline to help youth apply for and secure living wage jobs, trade apprenticeships, and/or educational opportunities. Youth receive follow-up services and case management for up to two years post-program.

    Our goal is to prepare a workforce for a diverse range of industries. If your company has a specific need we can discuss ways to best prepare corpsmembers to join your team! 

    If you are interested in hiring a corpsmember, contact our Career Pathways Team at [email protected]

    Jumpstart Your Career

    Our program pays a higher-than-minimum wage while empowering you to earn certifications, meet employers, and gain work experience that is applicable in almost any field. Get started today!