Natural Resources Crews

CCNB’s Natural Resources Program provides young adults with training and work experience that prepares them to become engaged stewards of the local environment and community.

Conservation Corps North Bay acknowledges that we work in the traditional homeland of the Indigenous People of California.

Conservation Corps North Bay Conservation Crews

Cody has been a pleasure to work with and the crew has done good work on this new section of trail we plan to open next spring. We look forward to working with CCNB crews on future projects throughout Sonoma County.

Mark Cleveland

Sonoma County Regional Parks

CCNB crews perform the bulk of our yearly fire prevention, vegetation management, and storm preparation. They are indispensable to Marin County Parks, and their staff are knowledgeable and hardworking crew leaders.

Jake Feickert

Marin County Parks & Open Space District

I thoroughly appreciate CCNB’s hard-working crew members and supervisors. Without CCNB participation, we wouldn’t have the capacity to achieve what the CCNB team has helped accomplish.

Christina McWhorter

Novato Baylands Stewards

The crew was a pleasure to work with, and we were satisfied with the quality and quantity of work that was completed. Thanks to their efforts, the creeks are more inviting to visitors, the quality of habitat was improved, and fence lines were maintained. We thank them for their hard work!
Kelsey Dunn

City of Santa Rosa

Tiburon Vegetation Removal
The Sonoma RCD was very pleased with Conservation Corps North Bay’s work on our emergency fire restoration projects. We look forward to working with them again. The land has been greatly improved by the Corps.
Aaron Fairbrook

Sonoma Resource Conservation District

Conservation Corps North Bay is an established leader in natural resources management services across the Bay Area. Founded in 1982, our Natural Resources program has impacted lands in nearly every corner of Marin and Sonoma County, assisting government agencies, residents, and nonprofit partners in meeting their land management goals.

Our services include fire fuel reduction, habitat restoration, invasive species removal, trail construction and maintenance, emergency response, and much more for a portfolio of more than two dozen regular clients. Our intensive program emphasizes safety, quality, and professionalism, with instruction in forestry, native species identification, ecological landscaping, power tool operation, carpentry, and more.

Our crews provide fundamental services throughout Northern California by providing the “people power” needed to implement large-scale projects. CCNB holds a C-27 Landscape Contractor License and our team of staff supervisors have backgrounds as arborists, wildland firefighters, natural resource technicians, biological monitors, and landscapers.


FIRE Foundry

Clearing a Pathway to Sustainable Wage Careers in Fire & Civic Service 

CCNB is proud to be a founding partner of the FIRE Foundry. The FIRE Foundry is a career pathway program designed to support community members who have traditionally had limited access to work in the fire service by offering career exploration to strengthen competitiveness for future employment as firefighters or in related careers. The FIRE Foundry works with recruits throughout the entire process of becoming a firefighter from the day recruits begin to express curiosity about this career path and are accepted into the program. In the first phase of the program, recruits earn a living wage working with Conservation Corps North Bay and the Marin County Fire Department, learning the basics of the fire service by conducting vegetation clearance work, home hardening, and public fire prevention education. During this initial phase, recruits work through their prerequisites required for Firefighter 1 Academy and complete EMT training so they are ready to take the National Registry EMT exam. College of Marin hosts the curriculum for the FIRE Foundry cohort, including the fire academy prerequisites, EMR, EMT, and the science-forward fire technology training and certifications. The FIRE Foundry is committed to supporting and mentoring recruits through subsequent phases of the program, which include preparing participants for seasonal employment in the fire service that can lead to eventual full time careers.

Our Impact

Last Year Our Youth Corps...

Diverted 475,793 pounds of E-waste from the landfill.

Restored 280 acres of natural habitat.

Reduced fire fuel on 432 acres of public and private land.

Restored and maintained 152 miles of trails.

Diverted 8,618 tires from the landfill.

Ready to Join a Crew?

You can join the Natural Resources Program as a corpsmember and contribute to this important work while building skills and earning money. What are you waiting for?