Mikal joined CCNB in March 2020 after hearing how the program helped his brothers earn their high school diplomas and start their career journeys four years ago. After interning on the SCYEC crew and learning by working alongside Sonoma Water, he was excited to join the Zero Waste crew in Sonoma. Mikal says that the two best parts of working at CCNB are the fact that the work is always mentally stimulating, and that he can see the benefit CCNB has for the community. Before, working at a call center, Mikal did not feel fulfilled. Now, he enjoys the work of measuring, sorting, and organizing the various materials that CCNB collects for recycling—even in slower periods of work, there is always something to do.

Mikal also enjoys going out on collection routes in the regional and state parks and beaches around Sonoma County and seeing park visitors take advantage of the recycling bins at trailheads and parking lots. As a current Assistant Crew Leader, Mikal is confident in his leadership abilities and is looking for a warehouse job after he completes our program. To make this goal a reality he is polishing up his interviewing skills, perfecting his resume, and completing OSHA certification to make himself the best possible candidate for future jobs.