Jazmin C. has been with CCNB since November 2017, when her cousin, already a corpsmember in Cotati, and our recruiter Vicente encouraged her to join. In the wake of the devastating wildfires, CCNB joined many other organizations to serve the community and begin the process of healing our community. One of Jazmin’s favorite projects was also one of her first: a Natural Resources Crew worked in Glen Ellen spreading seeds on the burned land. She vividly recalls the sights of damage, including charred manzanitas and other woody plants; as our crews do fire fuel prevention, it is easy to understand why clearing woody material like manzanita is so important.

Jazmin has taken on various leadership roles at CCNB as she has grown. Not only is she an Assistant Crew Leader, she was one of the corpsmembers who advocated for a youth council within CCNB to elevate the voices of corpsmembers. As a liaison, she can share ideas and feedback while representing for her peers. This work is a natural fit for Jazmin; her second job is as a Youth Advocate for one of our partner organizations, Social Advocates for Youth. This service-focused work has piqued her interest in a variety of careers and social issues.

Jazmin has been especially appreciative of Career Pathways staff for both the concrete help with things like creating a resume and ongoing workshops on social justice issues like LGBTQ rights in the workplace, the racialized nature of police violence, and the prevalence of sex trafficking in Northern California. As Jazmin grows as a corpsmember and leader, she hopes to become a staff member to improve the lives of future corpsmembers.