We are contracting through the County of Marin to assist in food distribution with community partners to package and distribute food to residents. Corpsmembers have been onsite at emergency food pantries working with our partners at Canal Alliance and the Marin Community Clinics, distributing nearly 500 bags of food a day.

Not only are our corpsmembers thankful for the opportunity, but they get to work in their very own communities; they get to see firsthand all the appreciation from the partners and people who come to receive food. Corpsmembers and staff are constantly thanked for their time distributing these resources, and many more residents are learning about CCNB because of our presence.

All the work our corpsmembers do is rewarding, but this is a job that allows them to see the immediate impact their contribution has on people. This work has also allowed our corpsmembers to become more familiar with resources and services in our community.