It is inspiring to witness the growth of corpsmembers like Zicri, who since joining CCNB in 2020, has had a stellar trajectory in his professional goals. When Zicri came to CCNB, he wanted to obtain his high school diploma, gain leadership skills, and strive for a career that allowed him to be independent and help his family. Although Zicri was on the younger side of CCNB corpsmembers, he set an exemplary standard for the crew. “He shows tremendous initiative in the form of his actions to help remove barriers,” said Nick, a Zero Waste Supervisor. Zicri became Assistant Crew Leader last summer, and he has only grown exponentially since then.

At CCNB, Zicri’s hard work is reflected in his numerous certifications and accolades. He earned certifications in CPR and First Aid, Forklift 50, and OSHA 10, among many others CCNB has to offer. He was also awarded Corpsmember of the Month three times, and he received many perfect attendance awards. His supervisors say that “no matter how hard or difficult a project was, he always found a way to encourage his peers to complete the job not only efficiently, but safely as well. His leadership skills were refined while at CCNB.” Recently, Zicri obtained his driver’s license, which opened a world of opportunities for him.

Zicri’s growth is undeniable, and we are proud that in his most recent endeavor, Zicri has accepted a job with Bartlett Tree Experts. Zicri brings exceptional experience to his new position—his now supervisors are excited to support his continued professional development at Bartlett. We are proud to serve as the launching pad for young leaders like Zicri as they successfully navigate barriers to reach their goals.